Tom and I were very impressed by the efficiency and professional attitude of all the team from start to finish. The appraisal and careful discussions of our options with Richard and Geoff, transparent and honest feedback and then the speed with which everything was applied was incredible. From the decision to go to market on Monday afternoon, Sarah had organised photos, video, blurb, plans, building survey and it was on line on Thursday with the first inspection on the Saturday. By the following inspection on Thursday the board was up, it was in the paper with an article on it and the first offer in discussion. A week later and our house was sold. Despite this timescale, we never felt under pressure or rushed in our meetings with Richard, he took time to make sure things were going as expected and dropped by to check. His attention to detail was fantastic. I can't thank you all enough for the care with which you handled our most valuable possession, the patience, experience and knowledge that goes into making it all run smoothly.

Liz Jeavons-Fellows | Whiting Beach Road, Mosman

After considering a couple of agencies we opted to have Geoff Smith and Richard Harding handle our property sale. We felt a successful sale would be contingent on handling a couple of complexities and they were the most appropriate agents to handle these aspects. They dont fuss excessively over scented candles and scatter cushions at the expense of focusing on planning and negotiating the best result for us. They get the business done efficiently and effectively. Together Geoff and Richard were equally abreast in driving the progress of the sale. They worked very well together when engaging with interested parties and us. Despite having quite a few other very valuable properties on their list we never felt their efforts on our property were compromised. They kept in touch with us by phone and face to face meetings on a regular basis. Geoff and Richard were able to achieve a very successful sale for us with the assistance of their support team of Geoff Allan and Beth Lewis who provided valuable follow up services to us in a very professional and courteous manner. Overall we had the 2 senior agents working on the front end of our sale as well as their back up team following up the sales process, so we felt the service level was excellent and their sales commission was justified.

Rose & Steven Barbera | Mosman